Hey guys. I am Michael Sherman Tucker.

Michael holding a water gun

I am a husband to a beautiful wife and a father to a crazy and marvellous daughter. I love to spend time with my family. I also believe in the Bible and God's power to save. I enjoy learning new things and having new experiences. Everyday is an opportunity to work, learn, and get better.

Family Photo at Christmas

I am a math teacher in middle Tennessee. I teach 8th grade mathematics, along with a class of Algebra 1 to high achieving 8th grade students. The demands are high and the stress can be rough at times, but I enjoy being able to teach students the applications of mathematics. I have started a web development club at our school for students in 5th - 8th grades. I hope to show them just how awesome web development can be! I also am an assistant football coach and the head coach for the boys' soccer program.
I am a learning web developer. I work with HTML and CSS, while getting ready to implement more JavaScript and jQuery. I have also dabbled in JSON, Sass, and Git. I use Github as my workflow. If you would just like to comment, questions, or just talk to me please feel free to contact me. I am excited to learn, work, and experience as much as I can. Thanks for stopping by!